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    Hello Owner
    What is your Minecraft username? My minecraft username is:
    What is your timezone?
    (GMT‎+3‎) Israel
    How long have you been a part of the community?
    1.5 weeks
    How many hours per day can you contribute towards your position?
    3.5 Hours. i can donate more.
    Why should you be chosen over other applicants? (What makes you stand out?)
    I think I deserve to be accepted because I support, invest, love, respect and know how to listen. I have a work ethic and I have a lot of experience in Mincraft servers.
    Have you received any punishments before, if so list the punishment & the reason.
    No, I did not.
    Link to your last application (if any?)
    no I dont have.
    Do you have any previous experience moderating or leading a server? You may post names, but not IPs
    I was also a manager assistant on two servers "MiniPixel" / "CzechCM".
    I was the administrator on one server "YourGame"
    I have maintained 4 popular servers in my country.
    And I also served as a programmer on three servers.

    Do you agree that if you mention your application to any staff member/in public chat, it will be instantly denied?
    Is there anything else you'd like to add?
    Yes, I am a man who believes in this motto, you will respect and respect you! And I stick to this motto all my life. I'm not one to give up even if I have to make an effort until I can not, I'll go on and on and on until I achieve my goal!
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    Hey @YuvalShoshan

    You are often seen helping out in-game, and have shown yourself to be active. I recommend adding more detail to your application, as well as double checking your spelling/grammar, as communication is a very important part of being a Helper.

    Feel free to reply once you have edited your application, so that it can be re-reviewed.


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