Denied Player Support Tickets (PST)

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    Oct 6, 2017
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    Player Support Tickets (PST)

    Player Commands:
    - /ticket <question>
    - /ticket rate <1-5> (1 being the worst service)

    Staff Commands:
    - /ticket help <player>
    - /ticket close
    - /ticket add <player> (add more than one player into the channel)

    Behind the scenes: each ticket conversation history will be saved on a log if needed to go over by administrator to see how their staff are helping and what rate review they're getting. Chat sound effects to be made as-well.

    Easy part:
    when a player opens up a ticket, an online staff member will get a notification that a ticket has been opened etc and when the staff accepts it, both player and staff will be in a private channel to discuss what they need to discuss etc. If a staff needs to go or needs an extra staff to help him discuss a serious matter or something, they can add one by doing '/ticket add <player>' (it could be another normal player as-well).

    Hard part (I think): having it notify on discord in #staff-chat.

    Now this is intended to be custom made (to fit JailsMC theme etc) however there are alternatives online while it's being custom coded.
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    Personally, I believe this would be impractical due to the fact there are numerous support channels, such as Discord and in-game PMs.
    If a player feels that a staff member is unhelpful, they can report the staff member through report a player, therefore not needing to rate the ticket.

    It's a creative idea, but I feel it may cause more inefficiency rather than efficiency.
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