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    Hello everyone.

    This is a post announcing a custom feature being added to JailsMC, developed by @OriginalHoly.
    This is a PvP event, which will run every hour and a half, and presents the opportunity to win some awesome rewards. There is a minimum playercount of 5 for it to be activated.

    You will have 10 minutes to break the obsidian found at /pvp 2000 times.

    This count is personal to you - as you progress, you are rewarded with both Crystals and Tokens, as well as it fighting back!

    The first to break it 2000 times is rewarded with a MoneyPouch ranging from 10-100%! This is a random chance.

    This is one of the many features we had planned for 2018, however, it was decided to release early to keep you updated with what's to come!

    This feature is still being finalised, and so if you have any suggestions, related to this or not, feel free to post them in the suggestions section of the Forums.

    I hope you're as excited for the future of JailsMC as I am.


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