January Reset

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    Hello everyone,

    The reset announced almost a week ago has been highly anticipated by both the Development team, as well as the players - and are pleased to announce that the reset will be live tomorrow (Wednesday 10th January 2018) at 7pm GMT.

    To clarify from the last post here:

    This will be a functional reset, rather than a feature-based reset. However, we're hoping that this reset will result in a more stable economy, & playerbase. In addition to this, all players will now have access to /pay.
    This does not, however, mean that we don't have tons of new, unique & awesome ideas for 2018! Upon the reset, pets will be temporarily unavailable due to our new custom coded pets plugin being implemented very soon after.
    We hope that this new system will add functionality to pets, as well as being cosmetic. To donors: Upon entering the server for the first time after the reset, your purchases will be re-processed - this does not mean you have been charged twice. The keys will still be applied for anyone online.

    Notable changes:

    • Economy balanced
    • Cost multipliers will occur every 5 prestiges
    • /pay is enabled
    • All members will now have a clickable inventory full message, to allow you to sell your inventory [​IMG]
    • The lottery NPC (/lottery) has been replaced with the AuctionHouse NPC (/ah). The lottery is still available through commands.
    • PickaxeSell (shift + right click pickaxe) has been added for VIP - > Lord to replace AutoSell, the cooldown depends on the rank. God + Static have access to /autosell. We're hoping to implement the option to buy the pickaxe sell ability with Crystals to /shop soon.
    • Pets are temporarily disabled in preparation for our own version
    To be added:
    • Slot machines
    • Addition of Trails to /shop
    • New pet plugin
    • The PvPEvent will be buffed

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  2. LittleBrittney

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    Dec 24, 2017
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    I can't wait, server has been dead since you announced the reset.
  3. Shavon

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    Oct 11, 2017
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    Yay can't wait for it. Hoping I can be on for a bit even though I'll be on a road trip
  4. EukalyptenHD

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    Have fun :p
  5. Daniiel

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    Dec 10, 2017
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    7pm GMT is 5am AEST :/ I'll be asleep but I'll come on at 9:30 GMT for a little bit.

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