JailsMC Updates Week #2

Discussion in 'News & announcements' started by Captivates, Dec 22, 2017.

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    Hey everyone,
    Throughout this week not a lot has been put onto the live server however for the new year we are working a lot of things so keep your eyes out!

    However here is a brief overview of what we have done since our previous update week:

    • Buycraft has been cleaned up (merged packages, added images also Money Pouches added to the store)
    • Fixed spelling errors throughout the server
    • Added GUI for /pets
    • Added GUI for /warp
    • Ability to get up to Prestige 20
    • Ability to rename your pickaxe.
    That's basically it - I know it is short however we have a lot of plans for 2018! See you next year!
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