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    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you to those who are still here, I know it's been a long time coming but JailsMC is going to reopen tomorrow at 12PM (Midday) GMT.

    Over the last couple of months we have been working on not only improving the server in-game, but on improving the experience as a whole. We have been drafting different advertising techniques, adding small details to the server, & redesigning the Discord. As you are probably aware since you're reading this, we have had a Forums redesign & it is fully functional. Guides for each section are currently being created.

    From now on the Discord announcements channel will be for smaller announcements & links to announcements on the Forums


    - We have added a Daily Reward feature. This will reward you based on how many consecutive days you log on. To encourage you to log on each day, these rewards gradually increase in value day-to-day

    - We have added a new chat formatting plugin which allows you to view information about other players by hovering over their name in chat. You can also easily message a player by clicking their name in chat.

    - A large part of the server has been recoded. OriginalHoly has worked tirelessly, recoding the challenges plugin meaning that it is now stable & fully functional.

    - We have now added /tags, allowing you to receive a cosmetic prefix. Currently these are exclusive to the server store (https://shop.jailsmc.net/), but in the future there are plans to make them obtainable in other ways, and some exclusively available in-game, rather than through purchases.


    - As you may have noticed, both JadePowerCharm & Xeno have been given the Builder role. Although JailsMC is currently using the old builds, they will be working on creating new builds that will give JailsMC a new (and hopefully improved!) look & feel.

    - Spyro & @EukalyptenHD have both been promoted to Moderator following their brief, but dedicated time as Helper


    One of the main goals of the JailsMC renovation was to fix the problems that were limiting the gameplay, but are pleased to announce that all known bugs have been resolved. As mentioned before, the server has been largely recoded. @Captivates has created a plugin containing many of the features unique to JailsMC, optimising & fixing these features in the process

    What's to come?

    While this update is largely bug fixes, we have been drafting never-seen-before ideas to add to the server. Of course, if you have any of your own, make sure to post them in #bugs-suggestions As mentioned before, we have been planning different methods of advertising. As an example of this, you may notice a few people in the Discord that you don't recognise, and this is just the begging to what we hope is a prosperous time in JailsMC's history.

    - Tomorrow at 4 PM GMT @J4 will be streaming (https://www.twitch.tv/j4ckoxuk). Make sure you're there to welcome any new players, & also for the chance to win a Lord rank, and other prizes!

    That's all for now, make sure to keep your eyes open for future updates, there will be many!
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