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    1. What is your Minecraft username?
    My current username as of 16/05/18 is SoupMeme. Most people recognize me by the username Aspirated
    2. What is your timezone?
    The timezone that I live in is AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
    3. How long have you been a part of the community?
    I have been apart of JailsMC from the beginning of JailsMC 1.0. When there were works on the server for 2.0, I lost contact to the server and all discords for it. I recently came back around December last year after a helpful friend mentioned the new discord to me.
    4. How many hours per day can you contribute towards your position?
    I am able to add on about 4-6 hours give or take per weekday, as I do have full-time schooling. Weekends are usually longer around 6-8 but that also depends whether I have events on.
    5. Why should you be chosen over other applicants? (What makes you stand out?)
    - I am quite honest to everyone and I answer all questions asked wholeheartedly and to the best of my ability. Being an honest person helps to make you a better person and a better role model to all of the players and staff.
    - I am very mature to everyone including players and staff. Being a mature person also makes you a better person and a good role model to all the players and staff. Maturity is the way you act, speak, and communicate to other people. Saying or doing repetitive things does make you less mature as well as saying rude or obscene words.
    - I respect all players and staff that talk to me. The metaphor "Treat others how you want to be treated" is the motto that everyone should follow. It teaches you to be nice and kind to other people, and that is how they return the favor to you as well as talking to you that way.

    6. Have you received any punishments before, if so list the punishment & the reason.
    I have never received any punishments on JailsMC, and it will continue to stay that way.
    - I am very generous to other players. I have made quite a few friends on my journey on JailsMC. I do give away quite a few items in game, but I do also buy some people store items that I owe my gratitude to.

    7. Link to your last application (if any?)
    This is the last application that I have created.

    8. Do you have any previous experience moderating or leading a server? You may post names, but not IPs
    There have been quite a few servers that I was able to staff and moderate on, but I am only going to list the most memorable ones to keep it short and shabby.
    OasisMC - OasisMC used to be a complete custom factions server that was undergoing maintenance. It ended up getting to the stage of being open to the public, But due to an abusive Co-Owner, they did remove all Worlds, Plugins and Files connected to the server, they were all recovered but Nero (owner) decided to shut up shop and that's where it ended. On that server, I used to be one of the other Co-Owners, I was slowly taught how to code over a period of time but as it has been closed, most of that information in my brain has lost it's place.
    JailsMC - JailsMC was one of the main servers that I was a Helper on. It was a rather good opportunity for me to learn what it is like to staff and moderate a server. I met plenty of good friends and I enjoyed my stay there. I did unfortunately resign due to me becoming quite toxic to people and that upset some people and took my reputation to a bad level. JailsMC taught me quite a lot and it's been the most memorable ones.

    9. Do you agree that if you mention your application to any staff member/in public chat, it will be instantly denied?
    I 100% agree that it can either be instantly denied, punishable, or just ignored.
    10. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
    My school education began from Kindergarten towards year 10. I have now dropped out of school and have started doing my trade certificates. I work 45 hours per week being taught skills of the trade I work in. It's a good experience of what to expect and what jobs you will have to accomplish in the future.I race bmx and I also bmx freestyle. This may be seen as a hobby that I enjoy. It doesn't change the way I play on Jails and it isn't going to make me leave.

    That is all I have to add and I wish every other member good luck on their applications. Hopefully we see some really good additions to the staff team and I look forward to the future.
    If you have any questions, Feel free to ask or add constructive criticism or some helpful tips!
    Have a great new years day and hopefully JailsMC thrives through 2018
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    If you are still interested in this position, please reply to this thread confirming this.
    If there is no reply within 7 days, your application will be denied but will not affect your chances in the future if you wish to reapply.
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    Hey, I'll be having my application open, but my username will be edited.
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