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    Hello everyone,

    As we're consistently trying to improve JailsMC, we'd love to hear some feedback. Although there is already a suggestion section of the Forum, which can be found here - we'd love to hear some more specific feedback.

    If you wish to contribute, you may do so as a reply to this thread - all we ask is that you follow the specified format provided.

    Please be aware that not every suggestion will be implemented, and there is no timeframe for this. Since development takes time, we want to get these suggestions as early as possible, so they can be delivered in good time.


    1. Your IGN
    2. What do you enjoy about JailsMC?
    3. What would be 1 thing that you would change about JailsMC?


    1. Post your suggestion only once
    2. If someone has already posted a suggestion you agree with, do not post it yourself. You can show your support on their idea by liking it
    3. If you, or someone else, has posted your suggestion in the suggestions section of the Forum, please do not repost them. All suggestions from this post, & the suggestion section will be taken into consideration.
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    1. Your IGN wsyd
    2. What do you enjoy about JailsMC? The players
    3. What would be 1 thing that you would change about JailsMC? I would change the picks, they can get too op. Op picks mean high prices to rank up :I
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  3. ItzKinglinPlayz

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    Pickaxe aren't too op. The enchantments can go on but the effect doesn't.

    Explosion 1000 has the same effect as Explosion 100, Fortune 1000 is hard to tell and Efficiency stops around 50.

    Also, the people that /prestige struggle to get money to rankup. That even includes me, but for Save and Euka, it costs 1.125Q to rank p to anonymous.

    That's all my main points of why we have op pickaxe and how it doesn' affect the players of JailsMc

    P.s It's easier to never sell tokens as you have an advantage of yourself later on. VIP has /as so make use of it donates!

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