Factions Change Log

I will be adding updates to the factions map, pre-release and post-release.

The server has revamped into an OP Factions server! This will allow a lot more PvP and better plugins! We are able to re-define the how an actual OP Factions server should be! There are no stacked armour, 1000's of gapples or sharpness 1000 swords. It's truly balanced to make the PvP experience amazing. (More information coming soon)


Economy Addition:

I have added an emerald economy. Emeralds will be mainly obtained via mcMMO. The excavation skill, once you have reached 1000 skill points (level) for that skill you will be able to pick up emeralds as you mine sand, grass, gravel and any other type of block which allows you to level up the skill. Which brings me on to my next addition, mcMMO. mcMMO was added to give the server more of grind feel to it. All PvP skills are currently disabled and will stay disabled throughout the duration of this map unless we see fit to change. There are villagers at spawn, on right click they will act as a normal villager. We have added rare items for trade up. The items vary from OP swords to bedrock.

Here is an example:

This will bring a lot more to the server. There will be a lot of things to work for and to obtain, which keeps you busy and entertained. Also, for any people who dislike 'pay to win' this is a great way to obtain very rare and overpowered items without having to purchase anything with in real life money!

Changelog created: 09/02/2017 (EU) // 02/09/2017 (US)
This changelog will be updated a lot.
OP Prison will, in fact, be released before our Regular Factions Map. This is due to how in depth we are developing the Faction server. Factions is so much more complicated. OP Prison will consist of Crates, Tokens/Crystals economy, OP PvP and plot shops etc.

The server will be receiving updates upon release and even after release. There are not many features to talk of right now as we don't want to release any ideas but it will be unique and interesting to play/be a part of.

We, at the moment, do not have a release date for Prison. You will be the first to hear!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheAzaleaMC
Map 1 Information.
The factions member limit will be set to a capacity of 20. This is due to expected PlayerBase and power boost possibilities(Which can be redeemed via Buycraft or the Crates.). All strength potions are disabled throughout the map except for Strength 1 (3:00). The only debuffs enabled are, currently, 33's and 1.07's (Poison and Debuffs).

There is a Gapple cooldown of 45s. This is to implemented Potion PvP to the server and make PvP a lot more interesting and engaging for new players. Also, an ender pearl cooldown of 15s.

The kits have been thought out very carefully and modified to suit the servers PvP. They have been modified so PvP is more about skill than luck, for example, Your Gapple runs out and instantly you die, this does not happen on our server. You would have time to realise and either re-Gapple or throw an instant health. This makes PvP a lot more enjoyable.

There is no set time for release. (As of yet)