Hello everyone,

The reset announced almost a week ago has been highly anticipated by both the Development team, as well as the players - and are pleased to announce that the reset will be live tomorrow (Wednesday 10th January 2018) at 7pm GMT.

To clarify from the last post here:

This will be a functional reset, rather than a feature-based reset. However, we're hoping that this reset will result in a more stable economy, & playerbase. In addition to this, all players will now have access to /pay.
This does not, however, mean that we don't have tons of new, unique & awesome ideas for 2018! Upon the reset, pets will be temporarily unavailable due to our new custom coded pets plugin being implemented very soon after.
We hope that this new system will add functionality to pets, as well as being cosmetic. To donors: Upon entering the server for the first time after the reset, your purchases will be re-processed - this does not mean you have been charged twice. The keys will still be applied for anyone online.

Notable changes:

  • Economy balanced
  • Cost multipliers will occur every 5 prestiges
  • /pay is enabled
  • All members will now have a clickable inventory full message, to allow you to sell your inventory [​IMG]
  • The lottery NPC (/lottery) has been replaced with the AuctionHouse NPC (/ah). The lottery is still available through commands.
  • PickaxeSell (shift + right click pickaxe) has been added for VIP - > Lord to replace AutoSell, the cooldown depends on the rank. God + Static have access to /autosell. We're hoping to implement the option to buy the pickaxe sell ability with Crystals to /shop soon.
  • Pets are temporarily disabled in preparation for our own version
To be added:
  • Slot machines
  • Addition of Trails to /shop
  • New pet plugin
  • The PvPEvent will be buffed
Hello everyone!

Over the past few weeks we have been planning and developing new features & bug fixes, which are able to be put into place in the coming weeks.

Some of these fixes will include changes to the economy, and so will therefore incur a reset.

What will be changed?
  • Both sell prices & rankup costs will be changed to be more balanced
  • Cost multipliers will occur every 5 prestiges (currently occur every prestige)
What will be added?

The PvPEvent & moneypouches was just a few of the many awesome features we have planned for JailsMC. There may be more information on additional features over the next few weeks, so make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter (https://twitter.com/jailsmcofficial), Discord (http://voice.jailsmc.net) & Forums for additional information!

We have many awesome features planned for 2018, but you can also post your own here!

What will be reset?
  • Plots
  • Inventories
  • Enderchests
  • Balances ($, Tokens, Crystals)
  • Permissions bought from /shop (pets, commands)
  • Challenges
  • Prison Rank
  • Player Vaults
What will NOT be reset?
  • Donor ranks
  • Tags (/tags)

To prepare for this reset, we are now accepting staff applications! If you'd like to apply, you can do so by clicking here.
Hello everyone.

This is a post announcing a custom feature being added to JailsMC, developed by @OriginalHoly.
This is a PvP event, which will run every hour and a half, and presents the opportunity to win some awesome rewards. There is a minimum playercount of 5 for it to be activated.

You will have 10 minutes to break the obsidian found at /pvp 2000 times.

This count is personal to you - as you progress, you are rewarded with both Crystals and Tokens, as well as it fighting back!

The first to break it 2000 times is rewarded with a MoneyPouch ranging from 10-100%! This is a random chance.

This is one of the many features we had planned for 2018, however, it was decided to release early to keep you updated with what's to come!

This feature is still being finalised, and so if you have any suggestions, related to this or not, feel free to post them in the suggestions section of the Forums.

I hope you're as excited for the future of JailsMC as I am.


Hey everyone,
Throughout this week not a lot has been put onto the live server however for the new year we are working a lot of things so keep your eyes out!

However here is a brief overview of what we have done since our previous update week:

  • Buycraft has been cleaned up (merged packages, added images also Money Pouches added to the store)
  • Fixed spelling errors throughout the server
  • Added GUI for /pets
  • Added GUI for /warp
  • Ability to get up to Prestige 20
  • Ability to rename your pickaxe.
That's basically it - I know it is short however we have a lot of plans for 2018! See you next year!
From now on our development team will be posting general updates, bugs and suggestions which we have fixed so we can keep our community up to date.

So here are the following things what have been updated until today (08 DEC 17):

  • Fixed when players could not tab in /stats
  • Fixed teleportation point of when certain mines reset.
  • Fixed certain villagers which you could not right click.
  • Fixed missing rank in /stats
  • Added more chat reaction words.
  • Added the ability to deposit all crystals on right click of stack.
  • Balanced kits.
  • Ability to get to obtain Prestige 10
  • Removed random blocks and portals in mines
  • Disabled the crafting of golden apples.
These are the features that have been planned for the coming weeks:

  • PvPEvent
  • Money pouches

That's basically it. Remember, if you have a bug or suggestion please post it on the forums in the right place, other than that these updates will be posted fortnightly - so see you in two weeks!
Hello everyone,

As we're consistently trying to improve JailsMC, we'd love to hear some feedback. Although there is already a suggestion section of the Forum, which can be found here - we'd love to hear some more specific feedback.

If you wish to contribute, you may do so as a reply to this thread - all we ask is that you follow the specified format provided.

Please be aware that not every suggestion will be implemented, and there is no timeframe for this. Since development takes time, we want to get these suggestions as early as possible, so they can be delivered in good time.


1. Your IGN
2. What do you enjoy about JailsMC?
3. What would be 1 thing that you would change about JailsMC?


1. Post your suggestion only once
2. If someone has already posted a suggestion you agree with, do not post it yourself. You can show your support on their idea by liking it
3. If you, or someone else, has posted your suggestion in the suggestions section of the Forum, please do not repost them. All suggestions from this post, & the suggestion section will be taken into consideration.
Applications for Helper position on the server are now open, and can be found here.

Make sure you read the requirements in full, failure to comply with the requirements stated will result in your application being automatically denied.

Good luck!​
Hello Everyone,

Thank you to those who are still here, I know it's been a long time coming but JailsMC is going to reopen tomorrow at 12PM (Midday) GMT.

Over the last couple of months we have been working on not only improving the server in-game, but on improving the experience as a whole. We have been drafting different advertising techniques, adding small details to the server, & redesigning the Discord. As you are probably aware since you're reading this, we have had a Forums redesign & it is fully functional. Guides for each section are currently being created.

From now on the Discord announcements channel will be for smaller announcements & links to announcements on the Forums


- We have added a Daily Reward feature. This will reward you based on how many consecutive days you log on. To encourage you to log on each day, these rewards gradually increase in value day-to-day

- We have added a new chat formatting plugin which allows you to view information about other players by hovering over their name in chat. You can also easily message a player by clicking their name in chat.

- A large part of the server has been recoded. OriginalHoly has worked tirelessly, recoding the challenges plugin meaning that it is now stable & fully functional.

- We have now added /tags, allowing you to receive a cosmetic prefix. Currently these are exclusive to the server store (https://shop.jailsmc.net/), but in the future there are plans to make them obtainable in other ways, and some exclusively available in-game, rather than through purchases.


- As you may have noticed, both JadePowerCharm & Xeno have been given the Builder role. Although JailsMC is currently using the old builds, they will be working on creating new builds that will give JailsMC a new (and hopefully improved!) look & feel.

- Spyro & @EukalyptenHD have both been promoted to Moderator following their brief, but dedicated time as Helper


One of the main goals of the JailsMC renovation was to fix the problems that were limiting the gameplay, but are pleased to announce that all known bugs have been resolved. As mentioned before, the server has been largely recoded. @Captivates has created a plugin containing many of the features unique to JailsMC, optimising & fixing these features in the process

What's to come?

While this update is largely bug fixes, we have been drafting never-seen-before ideas to add to the server. Of course, if you have any of your own, make sure to post them in #bugs-suggestions As mentioned before, we have been planning different methods of advertising. As an example of this, you may notice a few people in the Discord that you don't recognise, and this is just the begging to what we hope is a prosperous time in JailsMC's history.

- Tomorrow at 4 PM GMT @J4 will be streaming (https://www.twitch.tv/j4ckoxuk). Make sure you're there to welcome any new players, & also for the chance to win a Lord rank, and other prizes!

That's all for now, make sure to keep your eyes open for future updates, there will be many!